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Michael Bradburn February 06, 2018

Is a Life Settlement the Right Choice for Your Client?

#7 - Senior Life Settlement Anatomy 101

Many retirees may have been compelled to abandon the comfort of a conservative asset allocation over the last decade. Anemic fixed income markets have made...

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Michael Bradburn January 29, 2018

Tax Reform Fuels Senior Life Settlement Sector

As a business owner, you have a not-so-silent partner sitting in your boardroom. His name is Uncle Sam. He never signed a partnership agreement or anted up for his stake in your company, but he is...

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Michael Bradburn January 25, 2018

The Capstone Alternative Strategies Story: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Let the Bidding Begin

We later met with our Provider and reviewed the due diligence of the case. Primarily, the life expectancy (LE) reports. As expected, the husband's assessment was...

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Michael Bradburn January 23, 2018

How Is a Senior Life Settlement Valued?

#6 - Senior Life Settlement Anatomy 101

The present value of the expected cash flows over the life of an investment in a Senior Life Settlement Policy determines its value.

When an insured sells a...

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Michael Bradburn January 19, 2018


Since the inception of the Senior Life Settlement Industry, investors have purchased policies from a wide variety of life insurance companies. To be more specific, we are only concerning ourselves...

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