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Michael Bradburn June 25, 2020

Dislocate Yourself From The Market

Market dislocations occur all the time. Money managers, market strategists and traders seek these disruptions to create opportunities to buy and sell into and out of names with velocity. This can...

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Michael Bradburn June 11, 2020

Stocks, Stocks or Stocks...What'll It Be?

Stocks, Stocks or Stocks…What’ll It Be?

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Michael Bradburn May 15, 2020

I Object !!!

An objection can either be real or an investor’s way of creating distance from you. Investors sometimes offer up excuses or contrive circumstances to hide their real emotions. It always boils down...

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Leading Your Clients Through The Lockdown

You are a seasoned Advisor facing an unprecedented opportunity cleverly disguised as chaos, fear and uncertainty. Your clients need your care and attention. Some may be seeking liquidity. Others...

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Michael Bradburn April 23, 2020

A Tale of Two Decisions

It's October 3, 2008 and Treasury Secretary Henry "Hank" Paulson was on every channel declaring Public Law 110-343 had been passed by 110th United States Congress under the George W. Bush...

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