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Michael Bradburn June 11, 2020

Stocks, Stocks or Stocks...What'll It Be?

Stocks, Stocks or Stocks…What’ll It Be?

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Michael Bradburn May 15, 2020

I Object !!!

An objection can either be real or an investor’s way of creating distance from you. Investors sometimes offer up excuses or contrive circumstances to hide their real emotions. It always boils down...

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Senior Life Settlements Stabilize Portfolios

Astute financial advisors are quickly re-learning the value of asset allocation. Every portfolio needs balance to avoid being over-exposed to risky investments in times like these. The Senior Life...

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H.R. 5958 Senior Health Planning Account Act

The Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA), American’s largest and oldest organization that represents companies in the life settlement industry, has endorsed the bipartisan bill. The...

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Reinsurance: A PERFECT Record - Part IV

Why Does the Life Insurance Industry Have a PERFECT Record?  Reinsurance

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