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Michael Bradburn December 07, 2018

Senior Life Settlements: Policy Supply and Investor Demand Increasing

Capstone Alternative Strategies is committed to providing helpful education and resources to understanding Senior Life Settlements as an alternative investment.  The landscape of life insurance...

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Michael Bradburn November 02, 2018

Moneyball Approach to Life Settlements

I hate losing even more than I want to win. - Billy Beane

General Management of the Oakland A's baseball team, Billy Beane and Paul DePodesta, introduced a radical concept to the game of...

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Michael Bradburn June 06, 2018

An Alternative to the Alternatives

Alternative asset classes increasingly fall under broad subclassifications as hedge funds, private equity and real estate funds. The effort in general to classify alternatives is to stratify these...

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Michael Bradburn February 16, 2018

The Senior Life Settlement Story

A leader in the Senior Life Settlement market, Capstone Alternative Strategies specializes in making hard, easy when it comes to participating in this asset class.  In an effort to build more...

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Michael Bradburn January 25, 2018

The Capstone Alternative Strategies Story: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Let the Bidding Begin

We later met with our Provider and reviewed the due diligence of the case. Primarily, the life expectancy (LE) reports. As expected, the husband's assessment was...

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